BOOK I (Gedichtband)

family issues

  Anger & hate tied to my fate i cut the line bow to my shrine i am not God i am still not i belong to here and won´t go ... weiterlesen

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(no) trust

  We dont trust people we dont trust anyone if we trust them they are gone trust for us is complete devotion trust for us is full of ... weiterlesen

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  I feel empty i feel sad i am confused i am dead i feel pain i feel sorrow i remain i wish to borrow energy from anyone from... weiterlesen

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No one loves me neither do i

  no one sees me no one hears my cries everyone sees my lies and they like it only my fake self can live my true me is too weak ... weiterlesen

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pain opens<

  Pain opens I dont have to flee i can see the pain even touch it and remain my demons turned to boxes black and worren c... weiterlesen

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  Shick mick cocky sick cry side shout pride little big eat the stick shit it out fuck the crowd lonely @ yourself# suck ya ... weiterlesen

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cry loud for help quiet

  Cry loud for help quiet I suffer such impossible pain everytime i feel it i wish too sleep and go and still i have to fight to be al... weiterlesen

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