BOOK I (Gedichtband)


  Tired of creating art every day tired of staying apart every day tired of being special without being seen tired of nights of su... weiterlesen

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  NUMB You repeat everything what there was before you repeat your life you can´t ignore what´s been in your past ... weiterlesen

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  Kopflästig Hier sitz ich nun hab nix zu tun verlier mich selbst ego gefällts kann nicht mehr leiden nicht mehr f... weiterlesen

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  I shake i fear i am not here i suffer oh pain every morning start again i´m cut off my feelings i cant see the ceiling i don... weiterlesen

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time for fate

  You always chose people who you love they love you coz you are no need to hide let them see your scar! The war is full the soldiers... weiterlesen

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  I. I live the hate i live my fate i hate but cant delete i hide and seek but now i speak im a freak but you are weak talk... weiterlesen

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  Hey big sister i do love you i miss you so much your healing spiritual touch your heart your soul your mind you´re almost of my ... weiterlesen

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