deja vu

  Leave me alone you awful fucker leave me alone you soundless soul-sucker you hide & disguise and i don´t recognize you a... weiterlesen

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  I dont want want to hurt you but can´t escape my prison of dead bodies can´t escape wear my cape hide and seek speak ... weiterlesen

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where what how

  Where to go this way what to play this game where to fight here where to flee there what to do now what to see it wha... weiterlesen

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fuck you

  I fuck you so hard that i dont feel anything my feelings are killed but not by you no longer let you control my soul no longer let... weiterlesen

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family secrets

  Family secrets You denying breed you demons family you denying rat i gotta tell you YOU are UgLy You are fucked up inside you ... weiterlesen

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  I feel so dead so quiet alone energy-less dying fell from the throne so empty inside so full in the head no feelings here ... weiterlesen

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knifes § nails

http://eravulgaris.myblo   I sold my soul i wanted to find the whole the whole became an obsession of love and possession i reache... weiterlesen

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