I was standing alone

on a raft out in the sea

but now someone came

to help and rescue me

i start to trust them

as they help me

to become happy

to become free

i´ve suffered so long

i´ve suffered so much

all i ever needed

was a helping touch

no one could give me

coz i couldn´t allow it

so i´ve created on my own

to help me with my shit

or is it real,

what i do see

it doesnt matter what you say

it´ real to me

no more need to suffer

no more addiction to pain

they can give me help

so that i can remain

i´m 14 years old

and i was abused

so i got fucked up

i had nth to lose

step by step

i gather my parts

not yet on strong feet

a house built of cards

i´m even finding

my soothing metaphors

who help me express

who can open doors

no matter what he told me

i´m doing good art

he just lacks fantasy

and he´s standing apart

so now i´m back here

on the raft on the see

learning to swim

trusting someone to help me

ck14, 2011

8.12.11 18:22


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