no right to exist


I am dirty

am am nothing

a peace full of shit

i hate myself

theres no love

not a bit

i dont derserve to feel good

coz im not good enough

i just write this shit

to make me worth sth

i have no worth

i write shit

a lot of shit

i cant even write right

i am an asshole

a sucker

i write dirty

no one can read this

i hate myself

who tells me that

is that you?

U disguise as me

and hide behind a wall

trick me

control my mind

playing games

hating me

now i got what i wanted


being helpless and lost

i get what i derserve

i am dirt

i am shit

or is it you

telling me that?

So, shut up, you bitch

why you hate me so much??

coz you hate yourself


you sold your soul

to the devil

i remain in pain

coz its what i know about

coz i deserve

i function quite well

in pain

me and happiness

me and love

me and a normal life

that doesnt fit

i need to read

i need to be clever

i need to grow

i need to be enlightened

as i am now

i have no right to exist

ck 2011

25.10.11 02:05


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