ad dick zion


I need to fuck baby
because i suck baby
i need the shit maybe
i lost my baby

i wanna stop, maybe
i cannot fuck baby
i am alone baby
i need to fuck

it is not love baby
cry for above baby
where is the love baby
gotta kill you

i try to stop baby
need the next job baby
i am so sick, maybe
i run away

it hurts me
when i see thr path behind me
it hurts me
when i see what i´ve done to you

it hurts you
when i see where i am runnin
it hurts
it hurts it hurts i wanna stop!

i grab my stick baby
come on and lick baby
i am so sick baby
it keeps hurting

i wanna fuck honey
cum on and suck bunny
cum eat my fuck honey
i wanna stop it

where have you gone baby
am i alone, maybe
cuz u are gone baby
i keep searchin

it´s just a drug baby
come on and suck baby
i wanna fuck baby
where is the door

i try to find you
in this hell of joy
of numb escaping

i try to run away
from reality
from myself and from you

hate myself
destroy myself
run away
right into desert

fuck myself
struck myself
push down myself
i have lost you

i wanna fuck baby
because i suck baby
i need a hug baby
instead of lying

i gotta face baby
all this chase baby
don´t know my face baby
come on destroy me

i wanna stop baby
i need luck baby
don´t need no fuck baby
to let you in me

this is a game baby
you are so lame baby
i am a shame baby
i am a liar

trust im my
i need to trust in me
i need to take it all
even it hurts me

face it now
i need to face the facts
even it all erects
need to destroy it

i am to blame baby
it is a shame baby
i played a game baby
but now it´s over

fuck baby
i thought: fuck baby
i dreamed of suck baby
i was a liar

destroy baby
i am destroyed baby
i was toyed baby
i am a sucker

stop baby
i need to stop baby
it was a job baby
now or never.

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