You repeat everything

what there was before

you repeat your life

you can´t ignore

what´s been in your past

how long will it last?

I guess your whole life

til you use the knife


cut off the connection

leave your track behind

buy sourself new shoes

life could be so kind!

We forget the moment

everyday we strive-

we forget to live

we forgot our LIFE!

we miss every hour

we miss every day

we wast our power

we stand up to pray

-wish back what has been

all the wonderful time

it´s been bad before

but the demons decline

we grab our life

we can´t cut the rope

the wonderful past

it is our hope

we try to change

what will be, every day

we try to control

every second, okay-

we forgot to get lost

in this miracle moment

past is our host

that´s not how it´s meant

to BE is what we don´t know

to LIVE what we forgot

to TAKE what we lost

to GIVE, we owe a lot

every second passes

and nothing, we do

we just sit and think

and wait for the true-

true life, we expect

but it´ll never come

cuz we´re stuck in the past

we all are numb.

30.10.10 18:50


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