time for fate


You always chose people who you love

they love you coz you are

no need to hide

let them see your scar!

The war is full

the soldiers await

the bell it tolls

it´s time for fate

it´s not to late

to hate and cry

in your own arms

let your children die

cry about what could have been

use it as your personal dream

hate and love and scream and shout

laugh and cry and scream out loud

feel the pain the anger the fear

in the end realize, you are still here

can hear the voices

can see the pain

can feel the feelings

but they dont remain

i´ve walked so far

no i cant give up

noone can tell me

when i have to stop

i feel to much and i feel to loud

my feeling destroy me and i am proud

i dont hear your voices anymore

i just see me in the mirror.

2.9.10 13:11


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