I live the hate

i live my fate

i hate

but cant delete

i hide and seek

but now i speak

im a freak

but you are weak

talked in greek

hide in french

swear in latin

go away

i go and cry

i nearly die

every day

i gotta pray

i hate my family

i love my hate

i love my fate

i love to hate you

i hate to love you

coz this love aint true

but i can see the blue

shimmer in the sky

you will never see

you will never feel

you will never go to


its 11

soon its 12

the bell will ring

the birds will shout

oh, so loud

hear the crowd


see me

i am free.


2 much energy

2 much destruction

2 much hate

2 much is great :-)

i gonna fuck this place up

i gonna die and resurrect in 1 minute

60 times

i gonna leave and live

i will hate and re-create

accept my fate

i wont delete

the words repeat

coz the hate repeats

treat it as a child

let it go mad and wild

believe in energy and love

create your god above

create your life

climb high, deep dive

  • i will survive

2.9.10 13:08


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