family problems


Anger & hate

tied to my fate

i cut the line

bow to my shrine

i am not God

i am still not

i belong to here

and won´t go there

i have enough troubles

on my own

i´ll be my own father

and be my son

best thing i can do

is leave the problem to you

won´t go outside

i can´t decide

i know what to do

can heal my inside for you

you don´t fuck me no more

this ain´t a life store

i pray and belive

you can achieve

what i can´t do

it is for you

the first time in my life

i feel sth

for you and me

i wish you are free

your family´s rotten

your relationships failed

all dependency and hard cotton

you need to create

i wish you can be

outiside this shit

but it´s too long

achieve bit by bit

step by step

you can make yourself free

you can live your fate

fulfil your distiny

i can´t limit my needs

to what there is now

the devil that feeds

i don´t know how

the deamons create

they are so big

thes push the fate

into a stick

9.8.10 10:39


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