cry loud for help quiet


Cry loud for help quiet

I suffer such impossible pain

everytime i feel it i wish too sleep and go

and still

i have to fight to be allowed to suffer

to be allowed to cry

to be allowed to imagine

to die

to go close to death

walk next to the shadows

benath the fence

out and away

i dont belong here

it would take years of training

of trying

to find a place in this easy straight world

full of bad energy and downfall

na family

no hope to be heard

never reconginzed

cant even realize

how hopeless my situation is

my life is

somewhere there sun

i cant touch

i could go on fighting

and when i touch it

in the end its taken away from me

by my monster mother

who eats evth light

i every produced

i am reduced

to a shit piece of dirt

by this world

by everyone

i wish i could be gone

  • the work is done..?

something still makes me suffer on

carry on

by bags that grow bigger every day

why i sit and wait for a wonder?

Need to get on my feet

and fight for life

with people

with my breath

with my heart

(im just afraid its too small and will give up one day; before i can see the sun. The evth would be gone. )

it´s just 2 2 2 much pain and despair and hate and anger and fear and poison for one life in my body

carry a wholes family bag of shit

they wont never ever take it


so i lie on my back

cant get on my leg.

I donno where to go

iam lost

inside and outside

8.8.10 08:57


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